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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm back!

I am so glad to be sitting here working on my blog. Even if it is almost 3am.

Life has been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY around here for the past few months. My son turned one at the end of January. Four days later he was throwing up, we're talking projectile here, about four times a day and had nasty diherreha. Two days after that, I was in the ER at about 5 am being told D (my son) would be admitted into the hospital because he had Rotavirus.

Now, if you don't know what Rotavirus is, or have never known anyone who's had it, consider yourself blessed!!! It is a very bad virus, and although not a lot of people have heard of it, is quite common. Especially with children. The doctors at the hospital and my son's doctor told us that they don't even know how long the virus lives on surfaces, and even if you wash your hands and encourage good hand washing habits with your child, it's so easy to get. You can get it off of a receipt from the store, money, etc.

Well, D had been drinking a lot even with the direhhea, so I thought it was just a bug and the only thing you can do with that is let it run its course. This was until he was sleeping with me and I woke up because he was so hot. He was just lethargic and had a bad fever that wouldn't go down and just kept going up, so to the hospital we went. It was scary but he's well now. He started being his active little self after the third day in the hospital and all of the nurses and doctors fell in love with him.

My husband and I contracted the virus the morning they discharged D from the hospital. I spent a day throwing up and then my husband was sick for about 4 days. And then, the day after he was better, I had surgery! It's taken me a bit longer to get back around after my surgery, and I ended up in the ER about 10 days after the surgery because I tried to take on too much too soon.

So, needless to say things have been hectic! But there for the grace of God go I...that has been my mantra.

I am looking forward to really getting this blog going and I am so thankful to you, especially my MBC (MomBloggersClub.com) friends!

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